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We have lots to offer our local Hutt City schools - active events, programmes, sports gear to hire or general support with sport and recreation at your school. Let us know how we can help you!

Check out our projects below and get your school active!

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Up & Coming Events for Schools


Hutt City Weet-Bix Kids TRYathlon 


Is your school entering the Kids TRYathlon? We offer training sessions to help children prepare for this event!

“Students are more calm in the classroom and my anxious students are feeling more confident. Students are now using breathing techniques to deal with issues. Yoga for Schools is also helping their social and academic needs. ”

- Avalon Intermediate School Teacher, Yoga for Schools

"My class and I loved the Build & Play trailer! Some of our kids have never used tools before. It was great seeing them so keen to work outside their comfort zone and all the different ideas created."

- Tawhai School Year 7 Teacher, Build & Play Trailer

“Yoga for Schools is fun because of all the different poses we learnt. I showed my mum how to do them! Yoga makes it better to concentrate and makes me feel calm when I feel angry or sad. I can now run faster too! ”

- Avalon Intermediate Year 7 Student, Yoga for Schools


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